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Mortar mixer tap


Gema©k Mortar Mixer Tap to mix mortar easy and with the right span.
Easy and quick tapping mortar into the Gema©k Mortar tube of Gema©k Mortar Gun and dose the mortar on the wall without loss, to place the next  layer of bricks or blocks.

The advantages

  • Quickly mix up to 40 kg of mortar
  • No physical strain and handsfree
  • Easy to use
  • Handy and easy to transport, both on building site and on scaffolding
  • Sensor security switch by removing cover grid
  • Optional mixing time setting
  • Always well mixed and consistenced mortar
  • No scooping, but easy and quick tapping mortar into Mortar tube Gema©k Mortar Gun or tub and bucket
  • Gema©k Mortar Mixer Tap is an flow mixer. The mixer does’nt need to be complete empty
  • Changeable mixing speed 60 tot 140 t/min
  • Strong 1800Watt engine with adjustable torque
  • Plane stainless steel mixer, quick and easy to clean
  • Entirely stainless steel, easy and quick to clean
  • Tub of special PU synthetic material, very strong and easy to clean
  • Quick to assemble for transport or use
  • Easy to transport in van or station wagon

Technical specifications

Model Mortar Mixer Tap, incl. basic switchbox * on/off - continue
Version Type 2014.001
Dimensions approx. 60x80x144cm (wxlxh)
Weight approx. 40kg
Productcode MTM2014.001
Price On request
Delivery time On request


Mortar mixer tap

Quick and easy mixing mortar, optional time settings to mix the right span and consitency.
Handy and tapping with stainless steel tapslide!

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