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Mortar gun 150S


Innovative special mortar tool, composed out of an carrying trestle and  Mortar Gun. The mortar gun has a detachable mortar tube and can be filled under the Gema©k Mixer Tap or with the scoop from a tub or wheelbarrow.

The battery-powered piston has an pressure-disc to dose the mortar at a changeable speed.
A full type 100 mortar tube is good for laying approx. 6m of bricks based on 2 tracks (for a 5mm joint and a wall 10cm thick).

The advantages

  • Work freely, no hoses and/or cables
  • Detachable mortar tube
  • Easy and quick to fill under Gema©k Mixer Tap or with a scoop from a tub or wheelbarrow
  • Stainless steel nozzles, quickly and easily swapped
  • Strong battery-powered piston
  • 1 full charged battry is good for more than a whole day work
  • Changeable and adjustable speed
  • Mortar gun holder and carrying trestle of stainless steel, so quick and easy to clean
  • Mortar tube and pressure disc of special PU synthetic material, very strong and easy to clean

Technical specifications

Model Mortar Gun 150S
Version Type 2017.001
Dimensions approx. diam. 18cmx90cm
Weight approx. 6,2kg / full < 15kg
Productcode MS2017.001
Price On request


Mortar gun 150S

Quick and easy dose mortar tracks application on:

  • Facade lime mortars
  • Thin bed mortars
  • Lime-sand and concrete bricks/blocks mortar
  • Tiling mortars
  • Pointing mortars
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