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Meet our Mortal Gun

Fast, easy and trouble-free dosed mortar muster with the Gema©k Mortar Gun type 100, 100K or 150S

Mortar Gun 100

Mortar Gun 100K

Mortar Gun 150S

Meet our Mortal mixer tap

Fast and easy mixing mortar, with optional time settings for well mixed mortar. Convenient and fast tapping mortar with tapping slide.

Mortal mixer tap

Meet our Drysawsuctioncombi

To saw stones dry and dustfree on the job, healthy and easy. All together in 1 comby; Stone saw + vacuum cleaner + For separator on stainless steel hand truck With the optional for seperator 80% less dust in the dust bag.




Special mortar tools

Gema©k develops and produces special mortar tools.

From years of experience of working with mortars and implementation of facade work with glue and thin bed mortars is searched for tools with which the processing of these mortars even better, faster and easier can, while quality and clean work can be made. In practice it turned out that the developed tool much ease and up to 30% advantage will lead to processor/user.

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