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This smart combination of a Eibenstock stone cutting saw and an Airbo vacuum cleaner, build on a Gema©k stainless steel hand truck and wear plateau with a handy stone support makes it easy to cut stones at the right dimension at your working place. This combination is easy to move and ready to use. The optional for seperator (capacity 30 ltr.) saves approx. 80% at dustbags, and over time you less often and faster.

The advantages

  • No expensive Hepa Filters, who need to be replaced frequently
  • Minimal use dustfilterbag, approx. 5% towards DZZC exclusive for separator
  • maintaining optimal suction power
  • By additional exhaust application on the automatic cutting machine even better dust extraction
  • By external switching automaton only saw as the vacuum cleaner sucks
  • Saw on headroom
  • Handy stone support
  • Dust can from the separator in the debris container
  • Compact design, easy and quickly at the workplace, also on Jetty
  • Time saving, don’t need replace/cleaning filters and quickly replaced by dust filter bag
  • Rapid payback, no Hepa filters and minimal use dust filter bags for separator

Technical specifications

Model DrySawSuctionCombi, Stone saw, vacuum cleaner and for separator on stainless steel hand truck
Version Type 2015.010
Cutting capacity Cutting depth max. 12 cm, cutting length max. 25 cm
Dimensions approx. 60x75x117cm (wxlxh)
Weight approx. 60 kg (total)
Prodcutcode DZZC2015.010
Price On request
Delivery time On request
Gema©k BV
Houtmolenstraat 1,
7008 AP Doetinchem

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